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Team Personaah is dedicated to making a difference to the lives we touch through our training’s; be they in-dept interventions or half-day workshops. Our clients span every major industry, ranging from CEOs to students, all with a desire to increase their impact and influence in business.

This is our passion, not just our profession, and we believe the results we achieve mirror the commitment we feel towards each person and company we work with.

Our enthusiasm persists as our clients often tell us we deliver the best training courses they have ever experienced, helping them become better equipped and more confident.


To offer a world class training service enabling our clients to scale their desired next level of success.


To be reputed for our impeccable delivery of services, distinguished for our in-depth and advanced knowledge transfer.


The seed germinated over cups of coffee and much debate and led to the foundation of this organisation – Personaah. Persona means ‘that part of a person’s personality that (s)he presents to the world’. Why did we add the extra ‘ah’? Well, that’s a reminder for us to help you develop an extra chutzpAH. See what we did there?

Our first few assignments got us immense satisfaction with jobs well done and encouraged us to get better. Over the years, Personaah has evolved from a motley crew to a highly organized, process oriented team of dedicated trainers. We have trained across industry verticals and cities and have touched the lives of more than 30,000 trainees.

What’s your story? Do you prefer Tea or Coffee?


Some good reasons to train with us…

  • Terrific after training Assistance – Our doors are always open for feedback and advice you may need after you’re formally done with the training.
  • A wealth of experience – We’ve been in the trade long enough to know the theory of it and to teach when and how to tweak it for the real world.
  • Reliable and consistent – We deliver what our clients sign up for. See what the clients have to say.
  • Value for money – After understanding our clients’ unique and special needs, we design and offer programs to fit any budget.
  • A learning experience with a difference – We use a variety of innovative learning processes, which fully engage the learner.
  • We make learning fun – we fun-damentally believe that people learn best in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.
  • We don’t rest on our laurels – In an ever changing world, we continue to keep up-to-date to ensure trainees have a rewarding learning experience with us.
  • A diverse mix of programs – Whether clients are looking to better their English language skills, enhance their leadership potentials and develop their IT skills, at Personaah they will get a great mix of learning workshops.

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